Ok, I should really start by apologizing for disappearing for two whole months. There is really no excuse, but guess I just couldn’t find the motivation to write anything. Like literally, I wanted to have the novel that I’m working on finished by the end of the year, and if I keep going the way that April and May went, then I will never get it done.

But any way We aren’t going to talk about the past, and how I completely screwed up in March and April. Instead, we are going to look to the future, and focus on what is to come in the summer. Starting in June, I will be bringing back Fearless Literacy. I’ll be back on my two posts a week schedule, but I will be switching from Tuesdays and Fridays, to Mondays and Thursdays to accommodate my new work schedule.

I will be posting a ton of reviews for the books I’ve been reading in the past few months, and I also have a bunch of other posts on different topics. But, here is where you guys come in. I am going to need some requests for topics to write about. 

Thank you guys for sticking with me for the past few crappy months. I hope that y’all stick with me and enjoy this upcoming summer.



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