Book Review – Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

The Summary : Vera is in love with her best friend, Charlie, and he loves her back. Only, She doesn’t know that. She does, however know, all of his secrets, and all of the details surrounding his untimely death. Vera now has to decide whether or not to share these secrets and clear his name, or to keep them to himself, all the while being haunted by Charlie’s ghosts.


The Characters :

Vera : I fully understand where Vera is coming from. Her best friend completely screwed her over, and then he died before they could fix their friendship. She is coping with Charlie’s death as best as she can. She starts drinking, which is a normal teenager thing to do to cope with tragedy, And that whole thing with James was also really normal and real, as well. All in all she is just a good depiction of a teenage girl who has been through hell and back, and has come out the other side.

Charlie : Charlie read very attractive to me. Like damn. Charlie was a typical “bad boy” YA character. He drove a motorcycle, smoked cigarettes, smoked pot and sold his underwear to an old man. Wait what? Yeah, that happens too. Charlie was right all along, Vera is too good for him. He spends most of their friendship fighting his feelings for her, to save her from him, which, while really depressing, it is very honorable.

Jenny Flick : Jenny Flick can go fuck herself for all I care. 

Vera’s Dad : Vera’s dad is a pretty cool guy. I liked all of his Zen Buddhist sayings that were thrown in around the book.


The Plot : I liked how the book flipped around from past to present, and between different perspectives. I think my favorite part was either “a brief word from the dead kid” from Charlie’s perspective, or “a brief word from the pagoda,” which is literally from the perspective of a pagoda. Please Ignore Vera Dietz has an amazing concept. The fact that Vera is being haunted by not one, but thousands of Charlie ghosts is really interesting to me. I liked the fact that the story wasn’t obvious, especially the end. I actually wasn’t expecting Vera to forgive Charlie in the end, or to make peace with her dad. I thought that was a great ending.


The Overall :  This book gets 5 out of 5 stars. This is extremely rare. I literally have zero complaints about this book. I loved the concept, I loved the characters, I loved the pacing, and I just definitely loved everything. I would recommend this for fans of contemporary YA fiction, who wouldn’t mind reading something a little bit on the darker side, without being too dark.



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