Review : Exposed by Kimberly Marcus


The Summary : Told in verse, this story follows 16 year old Liz, known as the “Photogirl,” and her “forever best” Kate, The dancer. Liz and Kate have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and until one night, nothing has ever come between them. One night, all of that changes. A fight at their monthly sleepover separates them for long enough for the unthinkable to happen to Kate. Liz now has to decide what she believes whether or not her own brother would hurt her best friend. Their friendship can’t and wont survive this.

The Characters :

Liz : Liz sort of reminded me of myself. I used to be knows as the “photography girl” when I was in high school and college. She came off to me as a regular girl, who was just torn between being a good friend, and a good sister. She has to decide who’s side she’s truly on, all while being forced to pick the side of her family. The only thing that I didn’t like about her, is that she sort of just lashed out at Kate, before she knew the whole story of what happened.

Kate : Kate has every right to be bitchy, but I don’t like how she refused to talk to Liz about it. She just pushes her away, and then lies about it. Had Kate just told Liz what happened that night, then she could have had Liz more on her side during the trial.

The Plot : This was an interesting story, but it lacked something to make it stand out as a novel. The plot was there, and It was a good story, but nothing was too exciting. I did like that the author didn’t put Kate and Liz back to being best friends at the end, and showing that there are actually some things that you can’t come back from.

The Overall : I know that this was a short review, but Exposed was a short book. I read this in about 3 hours, so It was a really quick read, which was perfect for what I wanted at that time. I would give this book a 3, because I liked the characters, but the plot just wasn’t there for me. It was a little shallow, compared to the verse books that I’m used to. I would recommend this for younger readers of Ellen Hopkins, and Laurie Halse Anderson. I would have really liked this book when I was about 13 or 14.



Reflecting on 21

So, My birthday is tomorrow, April 2nd. Somehow I can’t really believe that I will be 22 in less than 24 hours. This sounds really cliche, but 21 was really an amazing year. It’s really awesome how much a person can change in a year. 365 days. I remember most of my 21st birthday really vividly. I was in beauty school, and I had my Advanced level final that day. A few of my friends went to this pub after school for dinner, and I had my first legal drink, called a loopy lemonade, which was amazing. The rest of the year was full of absolutely amazing memories, and not memories. 

I wanted to take 21 and focus on having a fun life. I wanted to worry less about what other people thought about me, and whether or not they liked me. I’ve struggled my entire life with being a “people pleaser,” and needing other people to like me. I wanted 21 to be MY year. My year to do me, and not worry about other people. While I still worry a lot more than I should about other peoples feelings, and putting people first, I have definitely gotten a lot better about treating myself like an actual human being.

Now, I’m officially 12 hours from turning 22, almost a completely different person than I was when I turned 21. I’m thinking that’s a good thing. It’s a beautiful, human thing to evolve, and grow with each passing year. I changed my hair this year, I changed my style up a lot this year, in terms of clothing, and most importantly I have changed my way of life. I have started to throw myself more into the “Hug Life,” (Shouts to Mod Sun) which just means living more positively, and more fully. 

I am really looking forward to celebrating this year. I actually went to a concert on Sunday, March 30th, and celebrated my birthday with the time of my life. I had no idea who any of the three openers were, but they were all amazing. The first was Kid Riz and Sven, who were phenomenal. Next was Mason IV Real with W.E.S. and He was awesome, and a super cool guy when I met him. Then there was Black Bear who brought Mike Posner (my Bae) out on stage to do a song. Then Mod Sun performed, and legitimately changed my life. He had hyperextended his knee a few days back and was still jumping around like hell on stage. So much energy for one guy. Also he pointed at me during “Happy As Fuck,” which is arguably the best song ever written. And T Mills was awesome, even though I didn’t get pulled up on stage, and only knew about two of his songs. But all in all it was the best night of my whole life. I met Pat Brown, who plays with Mod Sun on all of his songs, and he was super nice. I didn’t get to meet Mod, but I will one day. Back on topic.

What do I plan on doing this year? I really want to go to Disney World, and a lot of concerts. Also I want to buy a car this year. Those are my three goals for the year.

I certainly hope that 22 can be just as good, and even better. I’ll leave you with the first selfie that I took when I turned 21, to the last selfie that I took as a 21 year old.