Recent Book Haul Part Two.

Because I’m an asshole and bought way to many books, I am going to just jump right in.

I am incredibly excited because I bought Unwind by Neal Shusterman, which I have been dying to read. Basically, somewhere in the future, America has been involved in the Second Civil War, over reproductive rights. A compromise has been reached, and they have decided that between the moment of conception to the age of 13, life can’t be touched. After a child turns 13, their parents can decide to have the “unwound,” a process in which they will remove all of their organs and give them to people who need them, so their life doesn’t technically end. Unwind follows three different people who are about to become unwound. 

Fun fact, I am super into fairytale retellings, so I bought Ash by Malinda Lo. Ash is about a young girl who loses her father, and is forced to live with her evil stepmother. Sound familiar? Well, she spends all of her time reading fairy tales, and when she meets a (dark) fairy, she starts to think the stories might be true. Then she meets one of the Kings royal huntresses and starts to see what real life and love might be. So I’m thinking a possible lady loving Cinderella? Seemed interesting.

I bought, and I am currently reading Cracked by K.M. Walton. Told in alternating perspectives, Cracked follows a boy who tries to kill himself, because he has been bullied his entire life, and ends up in a mental hospital. In a bizarre twist, he ends up rooming with the boy who has bullied him his whole life, who has been admitted for attempting to kill his grandfather. I’m already loving it.

Also fun fact, I love it when stories are told in verse. I have no idea what Exposed by Kimberly Marcus is about, but it’s been on my Amazon Wish List for over a year now. From what I gather, It involves photography, and friends who are no longer friends. I’ll let you guys know.

The next book I got was The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd. I’ve been getting into LGBT+ fiction lately, so I continued this trend here. This follows a boy named Dade, who is spending his last summer at home before college with a crappy job, fighting parents, and a boyfriend who treats him like shit. He, of course, meets a new boy, and I’m guessing there might be some love triangle-y type things in here. It seemed interesting.

I got Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong 365 Days a Year. This is actually a day to day book with little writing passages and goals for each day. 

The last book that I got was This Star Wont Go Out by Esther Earl. We know that Esther Earl inspired parts of The Fault In Our Stars story by John Green, but TSWGO isn’t about that. TSWGO is Esther’s story. I cried reading the introduction, so I can’t imagine how I’ll be throughout the rest of the book.

Thank you guys for not judging me for breaking my resolution to buy less books, but I promise I wont buy more until I finish at least five books on THIS list, and I’ll be mixing them in with my initial list from January. Basically, I’m sorry, and I hate myself for doing this. Well, not really, but still. Thanks for reading, let me know what books you’ve bought recently.


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