Required Reading

Ok, we all suffered, or didn’t suffer, whichever you like, through Summer Reading, and reading book after book in school. Theres something about being forced to read a certain work, or read in general, that can make people vehemently hate reading. But did we ever have to read a book that we absolutely fell in love with? For me it was “Mistaken Identity” by Don and Susie Van Ryn, and Newell and Colleen Cerak. This book tells the tragic story of a two young women who were in a car accident and when the police came, they identified the girl who passed away with one name, and the girl who was in the coma with another. After one family mourns the death of their daughter, another prays for theirs to wake up. And when she does they realize that they have made a mistake. This book deals with a lot of religious issues, but I would still recommend it, if you aren’t offended by prayer and religion.

 This is a super short post, but comment down below what your favorite book that you had to read in school.


One thought on “Required Reading

  1. I think mine was “High Fidelity” by Nick Hornby back in High School, and later on “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut at university. Sometimes the teachers manage to chose books that are more relateable to their students, but unfortunately even techers don’t always have the choice to select the mandatory books.

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