It’s been a few days.

So, I’ve been gone for a few days, and I figure I should tell you why. First of all, since florida I’ve been literally working and shopping nonstop. When I’m not at the Sass (The salon where I work, Sweet and Sassy, I run birthday parties there), I’ve been at the mall finding last minute presents. I finally finished the last of my shopping on wednesday, and that night had my Sassy Holiday party at this indoor trampoline park called Skyzone. Such a fun night literally turned into a nightmare as I’m trying to leave. See the Skyzone parking lot is terrible. There are no signs to tell you whats a road and whats a parking lot, and absolutely no one follows the speed limit on the service roads, which is 15, mind you. As I’m pulling out of the lot, I didn’t see this person literally flying down the road and i ram into their front end. Both of my airbags deployed, and even with my seatbelt on, I flew up and slammed my head on the rearview mirror and the ceiling of my car. Needless to say my little ’94 Honda is completely totaled, while their jeep is completely drivable. I get out of the car, bleeding and in a ton of pain, trying to tell them how sorry I was, because it was my fault, and these guys don’t even have the courtesy to ask if I’m ok. I understand, I just caused an accident but are you fucking kidding me? Also the cop didn’t even ask if I was ok. So basically my car is totaled and I’m back on the bus, and looking for a bar tending or waitressing job within walking distance so I can save up for a new car.

I’ll be back with regular posts in a few days. Maybe tomorrow, I think I might try to blog every day, or every other day.

Kelsey Maureen


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