Do you have a favorite author?

I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about the idea of “favorite authors.” Do we have them? I’m sure we all have that one author that we have read all of their books, and we are always the first to order their new books as soon as they pop onto Amazon. Most of us have a few, so here are some of mine.

Sarah Dessen. Sarah Dessen writes love story after love story that all seem to connect. Whether she recycles the locations, or reuses the characters, she keeps almost all of her books pretty connected. I think that is a big part of why I stay interested in her so much. If I really enjoyed reading about a background character in one book, I’d probably get to see them again in another book, either as another background character, or even as a more prominent player in any given book. My personal favorites of hers are “Dreamland” and “Along For The Ride.”

Ellen Hopkins. Now she’s a little different. Ellen Hopkins is a poet. She writes these books that are all free verse poetry, usually containing multiple main characters with intertwining story lines. She tackles more serious subjects, anything from mental illness and drug addiction, to sexual orientation and teen pregnancy. My favorites of hers are Crank, and Impulse, and their respective sequels. 

That is  not to say that these books are my “all time favorite books,” just my favorites from those specific authors. I really try not to label “favorites” because I’m not a fan of leaving things out, and I always feel like something better may come along. But I know that there are some books or authors that we will always love.


Who are yours? Let me know.

Kelsey Maureen


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