How I plan to run this blog.

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this vacation writing up some posts for this blog, because I would like to take this seriously. So I’m thinking of some type of system of how often i post. I’d like to keep it consistent, obviously, and as regular as possible, but I don’t think I can sit here and promise daily posts or something like that. If i tried to post daily blogs, I would definitely run out of things to say. 

But I will be trying to do different types of posts here and there. You can expect book reviews, book “hauls,” where I will tell you about the books I buy, other book related topics, and some writing prompt, essay type things when I get bored. I’ll even post interesting things that happen in my life, and maybe even some original writing stuff. How does that one sound?

Well, now what did I do today? Well We switched from my grandmothers house in Ocala to my sisters apartment in Orlando. I had my first Tijuana Flats experience, which was great, and I was able to ignore the fact that I am lactose sensitive for a day. We put up my sisters Christmas tree, which I assume she will decorate some other time, because one of her best friends from PA, who actually lives down the street from my house, is coming down tomorrow night some time. The best part of the day was that we got to spend some time in Disney World. We couldn’t go into the actual parks, because that is INCREDIBLY expensive, but we did hit Downtown Disney, and I saw the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, my absolute DREAM JOB, and went to the Grand Floridian Café for dinner, because we are incredibly fancy, and went down to the dock to watch my favorite firework show in Magic Kingdom, Wishes. My two year-old nephew loved it, and so did I. As you’ll probably come to find out, I am a Disney Freak. But, I’m actually excited to head to bed early tonight, and hit Universal Studios tomorrow morning.

QUESTION : What is your favorite amusement park? Also, if you blog regularly, whats your posting schedule like?

Kelsey Maureen


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